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Beyond Business Continuity : Transition to Next Normal

Digital delivery capability requirements for COVID-19 and beyond

The traditional service delivery models would not be able to match the digital delivery capability requirements presented by COVID-19 outbreak. In the post-COVID-19 world, organisations need to focus on multiple digital touchpoints simultaneously. Their ability to accelerate digital initiatives and deliver value quickly to clients would determine success (and survival in some cases) in the market place. Their primary focus would be to introduce more digital channels to their clients and digitalise as many business processes as possible.

This would require digital partners who can bring the capability to ideate, incubate and industrialise their digital initiatives. Their chosen digital partner should be able to provide multi- skilled resources, bring their own tools/assets/frameworks to accelerate delivery, work purely in an agile way and scale fast. Our Digital Factory as Service brings all these capabilities together to ensure faster time to value for our clients.

In this White Paper we explore:

  • The essential elements to ensure faster digital response
  • Embracing disruption through continuous ideation
  • Fast forward to the future
  • Agility in project execution and business operations
  • Multi-skilled digital taskforce accelerating value by rapid industrialization
  • Nihilent’s Digital Factory as a Service

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