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In the era of smart manufacturing, digital interventions are an imperative to help organizations retool themselves and successfully deliver deep value to customers.

At Nihilent, using our Design-Thinking led holistic approach to solving business problems, we leverage the key pillars of Digital Transformation: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), referred collectively as (SMACI) to help organizations drive a high degree of customer engagement and benefit from tremendous growth opportunities.

Moreover, our efforts are in sync with Industry 4.0, which is ushering in a new industrial revolution and promises highly interconnected manufacturing systems leveraging advanced technologies.

Our Domain Expertise

Intelligent ERP – Process & Discrete Industry

The world of systems of record has been overtaken by the new systems of intelligence, which deliver automation, contextual collaboration and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With SAP S/4HANA for Process & Discrete Industry, we help customers create new digital business models to enable enhanced user experiences and build unique innovations to move ahead and stay relevant to market dynamics and be complaint with ever stringent regulations and take the cutting-edge competitive landscape head on.

T-Orchestrator for IoT-based Supply Chain Logistics

Transportation of goods, on time and in full is no longer enough. Using AI, IoT and Cloud, you can now actively control your transportation chain right from planning to execution with real time visibility using T-Orchestrator build on the SAP Cloud Platform.

RFID for Logistics and Transportation

If you are facing significantly high inventory costs and lack of visibility across supply chain, we will help you leverage Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and IoT systems in transportation and logistics to reach 100% shipping, receiving and order accuracy. This digitally enabled solution will provide you with substantially low operational costs and high accuracy.

Supply Chain Execution- Predictive Analytics

Improve forecasting, performance and productivity enabled by Predictive Analytics for highly efficient procurement and production planning. With improved accuracy in demand, manufacturing and sales can be streamlined without increasing cost.