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A vertical with a high customer focus, Digital Healthcare is the new norm. Healthcare providers are going through the Digital wave and embracing a range of new technologies to leap to the next orbit of tech maturity and to achieve greater customer connect and satisfaction.

In today’s dynamic and hyper-regulated healthcare environment, Healthcare providers and health benefits companies must support an ever-expanding portfolio of healthcare services, solutions, and specialty products, including life and disability insurance, pharmacy benefit management, dental, vision, long-term care insurance, flexible spending, and so on. At the same time, they must respond to increasing business and customer demands to deliver cost savings while ramping up quality.

With the first wave of IT adoption in the form of Hospital Information Systems (HIS), the healthcare providers were able to arrive at operational efficacy, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) further upped the ante. But now healthcare, as an industry is looking at more outcome out of their tech interventions. This is where Insight-driven healthcare comes into play.

Nihilent’s play in Healthcare space is in sync with the market dynamics aimed at arriving at business excellence and outcome. Nihilent’s team of technical consultants, architects, statisticians, developers, and business process consultants brings several decades of experience in delivering advanced analytics-driven solutions. Insight-driven healthcare is the foundation of Nihilent’s Design Thinking led approach to more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

This can be achieved by combining technology innovations with the transformation of processes in healthcare. Healthcare businesses need to take data and knowledge-based decisions that will help them significantly streamline their processes and engage more effectively with their customers.

Our Domain Expertise


Nihilent has been one of the early adopters of Blockchain technology, and we have actively engaged with customers across the globe to identify the right use cases for business problems that can be solved using the Blockchain platform. Our solutions- Proxy voting, Smart insurance, no claim bonus, and Cross border payment are already well known.

Real-Time Documentation and Data access

A web-based Personal Health Records (PHR) portal that provides online storage of personal health and medical records. This Patient-centric service is designed for improved data visibility and access to patient records, which promotes quick sharing and feedback for better healthcare solutions.

Tracking Real-Time Healthcare Systems

Streamlining internal processes in healthcare to provide highly efficient, seamless and hassle-free services to Patients, Doctors, and Staff. Real-time tracking not only ensures high-quality services but also helps maximize the utilization of infrastructure by creating interconnected healthcare ecosystems.

Customer Experience and Usability

Leveraging the power of digital transformation to create value and experience to patients by providing instant solutions to their healthcare challenges. Digitally enabled, user-centric, customized and personalized solutions are our biggest promise to our customers.

Healthcare Analytics Architecture

This is a user-based reporting mechanism for direct tracking of KPIs by CXOs and leadership teams, which accelerates performance by identifying key focus areas. A digitally enabled platform to drive business goals and outcome-based decision making.

Interactive Patient Care System

Our Advanced Analytics and Machine-Learning driven solutions help in designing smarter, interactive and user-centric apps used as a personal healthcare assistant to assure excellent customer experience. We build and leverage apps that help you reach experts anytime, anywhere and for any health challenge to consistently improve the quality of your life.