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Globally, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance is at the cusp of a major transformation. Economic growth coupled with new regulatory compliances like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act is creating Banking 2.0, completely driven by Digital technologies in which elements like privacy will play an all pervasive role.

To meet the demanding customer expectations, the financial institutions has to deepen its technology adoption beyond the first wave of Core Banking deployments. Today, traditional banks are not just competing with other banks, but also with the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon among others.  Add to that, the Fintech disruption that has completely changed the consumer banking dynamics. Successful banking operations hinges on the innovative business models aimed at delivering superior customer experience and agile enough to change as the industry evolves.

Meanwhile in the Insurance sector, what is driving IT adoption is the need for service providers to reach and understand the customer effectively, hence they are leveraging new technologies to stay competent and be more customer centric.

Nihilent has worked with some of the leading global financial institutions. The trust that customers have placed in us, stems from our commitment to understanding the challenges of the industry from both, a business and technology perspective and then developing solutions that are tailored to each customer’s unique situation. We have forged partnerships with some of the biggest names in the financial industry across the world to implement ground-breaking holistic solutions that have resulted in a see-through change in the way the business is running.

Through our unique Design Thinking approach, we pride ourselves at being able to give our customers a truly unique and well-thought out solution customized to their needs. Providing them with greater insights, higher transparency, mitigate risk, improve customer experience, and reduce cost all while keeping information secure.

Our Domain Expertise


Nihilent has been one of the early adopters of Blockchain technology, and we have actively engaged with customers across the globe to identify the right use cases for business problems that can be solved using the Blockchain platform. Our solutions- Proxy voting, Smart insurance, no claim bonus, and Cross border payment are already well known among banking professionals.

Branch Analytics

Through branch analytics, we enable you to effectively investigate the branch’s performance. Insights from this analysis can be leveraged by CXOs in ensuring alignment with the strategy of the organization and in empowering their managers to make informed decisions in all the operational activities.

Cognitive Analytics-based Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Equipped with some of the advanced image and video processing algorithms, our cognitive analytics solution understands emotions and precisely captures even the subtler cues that are hard to be noticed by the naked eye. Using this can help know, how satisfied the customer you served was, and allows you to have an insightful feedback mechanism in place.

Financial Spreadsheets Automation

A tool to control, audit and automate spreadsheets and finance systems. Seamless flow of data and information is now possible using our spreadsheet control and audit tool. This tool also facilitates drill-down into multiple systems, assisting in discovering insights and bringing consistent governance.

Credit Default Prediction

An analytics solution that predicts the probability of credit default based on the characteristics exhibited by the end-users. Various machine and deep learning models are employed to boost the accuracy of our solution and to present dependable results for our customers.

Financial Crime Analytics

With the emergence of newer technologies, the risk of one becoming a victim of financial crime is ever-increasing. You can now choose to stay secure and prevent financial crime from happening by leveraging our analytics solution which facilitates detection, investigation, reporting, and mitigation of fraud and other financial crimes.

Mobile Wallet and Payments

Your consumers have gone mobile. Are you there where they already are? With our mobile wallet and payment solutions, we enable you to deliver seamless and personalized experiences to your consumers- anytime, anywhere.