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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Low Code Platforms

Digital Transformation is a journey and many organization are struggling to put in place a Digital strategy, one of the ways to hasten is through leveraging low code platforms.

That digital transformation pervades businesses in every industry today is a foregone conclusion. With every department in an organization increasingly becoming technology driven, software has found higher dependency. Almost all initiatives taken are towards enhancing operational efficiency, agility, and productivity. Businesses are achieving transformation by redesigning their applications to enable a data-rich and hyper-connected customer world. The availability of technology has enabled organizations within the enterprise, including non-IT professionals, with the knowledge and capability to take key IT decisions.

Leveraging low code platforms

Traditional software development and delivery process used to require complicated development environments and programmers have been involved to develop code in languages like C++, .NET or Java. Hiring such skill sets can be expensive and time consuming. Organizations are now looking for solution platform where applications can be quickly built with reduced cost of resources. Prominent software companies are providing cloud-based low-code platforms for rapid application development, which does not require very deep programming skills. Implementing business process automation, specific permission based workflows, knowledge management, access rights, CRM, analytics etc. can be built on low-code platforms in very short turnaround times.

A Forrester report sometime back stated that the low-code platforms market will grow to approximately $15.5 billion by 2020. This increase can be attributed to these platforms’ ability to improve operational efficiency, business agility and employee productivity.  Only 27% of today’s businesses are ready with their digital strategy.

Another report from Gartner stated that 125,000 large organizations are launching digital business initiatives now and that CEOs expect their digital revenue to increase by more than 80% by 2020. Enabling a digital future requires smart capital investment. Right strategic investments can be selected in organic or inorganic way which ensures new opportunities for growth.

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